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New Dgroups Board members nominated

During the 2011 Dgroups Partners meeting that took place in Rome on 27 September 2011, the partnership council nominated 3 new members to the Dgroups Partnership Board:

  • Giacomo Rambaldi, from CTA
  • Kristin Kolshus, from FAO
  • Neil Pakenham Walsh, on behalf of INASP
The three new members join Caroline Figuères (IICD, Chairman of the Dgroups Board), Rob Witte (ICCO, Dgroups Treasurer) and Hapee de Groot (Hivos) to form the Dgroups Board for the year to come. The first meeting of the new Board will take place early November 2011.
After the Partners meeting we had the opportunity to talk with two of the new Dgroups Board members. In the videos below, Giacomo Rambadi and Kristin Kolshus explain why their organisations have decided to take an active role in the Dgroups Foundation and which direction they see for Dgroups in the coming period.




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Dgroups at Share Fair 2011

From next Monday to 29 September 2011 IFAD in Rome will host the the second AgriKnowledge Share Fair.

After the previous Share Fairs in Addis Ababa (2010) and Rome (2009), also the programme and design for this year event looks impressive:  more than 150 sharing and learning sessions on issues related to rural development and agriculture; talks by renowned practitioners in different fields; a vibrant market place; and a series of trainings on knowledge sharing methods and tools on Day0 of the Fair.

Dgroups will also be participating in the Share Fair. Here’s what we have on the menu for next week:

  • On Monday 26 September Hapee de Groot (Hivos) and Damir Simunic (WA Research) are hosting training session on Dgroups (14:00-15:30, room B500)
  • On Tuesday 27 September, Damir Simunic will lead a session on Dgroups going mobile (11:30-13:00, room B200)
  • Also on Tuesday 27 September, the Dgroups Partners Meeting will bring Dgroups members together to discuss present and future developments of Dgroups.
Follow this blog for Dgroups updates from the ShareFair, or subscribe to the ShareFair newsfeed for all news from Rome.

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Dgroups at PICNIC 2011

In the context of the International Cross Media Festival PICNIC in Amsterdam, on Friday 16 September 2011, Dgroups member IICD co-organised the session Digital Media for a Better Future.

The meeting addressing the issue of contributing to a better world through digital connection between the Netherlands, other western countries and developing and emerging economies.

In her presentation, IICD’s Saskia Harmsen underlined how:

For many professionals working in development organisations both in the North and in the South, their email inbox remains the main space from which they work. With all the new technologies and services that have emerged, be it mobile phone, tablet, or desktop-based, email continues to play an important role that has not been displaced by SMS or new media services. Especially when it comes to conversations among many different people within working groups and professional networks with geographically dispersed members, a reliable, non-commercial, and low-bandwidth friendly solution is key. (Source: IICD News)

In her views, the Dgroups platform, and the partnership of development organisations that supports this initiative, makes such communications and development dialogue possible.

Watch Saskia’s presentation below here.

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Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) joins Dgroups

As of September 2011, the Dgroups partnership welcomes the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) as new Dgroups member.

RWSN is global knowledge network for rural water supply technologies and approaches. As it reads on their website:

RWSN focuses its work in specific areas where it believes it can make a significant contribution.
RWSN’s aims to:

  • Maximise impact of investment through application of cost-effective technologies
  • Reduce well drilling costs through improved drilling operations
  • Improve sustainability of supply chains
  • Mobilise additional resources, by supporting self-supply solutions at household level water supply facilities
  • Standardise handpumps with appropriate selection, procurement and simplified maintenance
  • Dissemination of Knowledge – equitable sharing of lessons learned, best practices and latest development in technologies
RWSN Secretariat is hosted by the Skat Foundation in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Contact person for Dgroups is Sean Furey.
Read more about Dgroups and its current members.

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