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The Global Mechanism joins Dgroups

As of July 2009, the Global Mechanism (GM) joined the Dgroups Partnership.

From the GM website:

The Global Mechanism (GM) was established by Article 21 of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). It began its operations in October 1998.

The GM is a subsidiary body of the UNCCD. Its original functions of general broker and match-maker have evolved over its first ten years of operations, in the wake of the changing international financial architecture, its new modalities for resource allocation and the increasing importance of domestic budgeting processes in developing countries.

As a consequence, the GM is increasingly specializing in providing a range of financial advisory services to the country Parties to the Convention in close cooperation with International Finance Institutions (IFIs) – in particular the World Bank Group, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the regional development banks. The European Commission and bilateral donor agencies are also long-standing partners of the GM.

The Global Mechanism is hosted by IFAD offices in Rome. Contact person for Dgroups is Maurizio Navarra.

Read more about Dgroups and its current members.



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Dgroups platforms updates

As you might have already noticed WA Research has recently released some new updates in functionalities and features to further develop the Dgroups platform.

  • Public interface
    From the Dgroups homepage, users can now login to their groups or join new groups in a much clearer way.
  • Directory of groups
    When clicking on ‘Join a group’ users access the public directory of groups and can see all the groups created in Dgroups. From here they can join or request membership to the different groups.Still missing – but in the pipeline – is a search function that allows to browse the directory more easily, also filtering by subject or region.  WA Research is currently working on a this and it should be soon released.
  • Russian and Chinese interface
    Dgroups is now available also in Chinese and Russian. Thanks to FAO and Yuriy Nesterov in particular for volunteering to translate!
  • Admin can edit users profile and reset password
    As possible in D1 and long-awaited in D2,  groups administrators can now edit member data. By clicking on any member of a group where you’re an admin, you will notice green bar with ‘edit’ and ‘edit public profile’ links above member information. You’ll also see the ‘reset password’ link, to send your users a new password to login onto Dgroups.

More functionalities are currently being developed and tested; toghether with working to ensure 100% reliability in the email distribution, these functionalities include the possibility to track the status of different messages, statistics and bouce report, improved site navigation and usability.

We hope to announce some of these rather soon. If you have feedback and suggestions on how to further improve Dgroups, please drop a comment below!


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