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Reflecting on the Dgroups partnership

Earlier today, members of the Dgroups Partnership completed their meeting in The Hague. It was followed by a brief meeting of the new Board. For the first time, members could participate virtually in some parts of the discussions, opening a new chapter for Dgroups.

New Helvetas Board member Riff Fullan reflects on the discussions:
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Yesterday’s meeting was in plenary and provided an opportunity for participants to re-connect, to reflect on past progress (see Peter Ballantyne’s report), and to explore different future directions and priorities for Dgroups.

Today, participants broke into groups to discuss and set short-term priorities for issues clustered around ‘the partnership’ and ‘the platform.’

SDC’s Patrick Kalas reflects on the first day:

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So, what are some of the things that Dgroups users expect to see in coming weeks and months?

  • more usability improvements on the platform;
  • a public directory of groups on the new platform
  • extension of Dgroups help and FAQ resources
  • plans for two Dgroups training and outreach workshops sponsored by ICCO

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Dgroups elects new Board

Today in The Hague, members of the Dgroups Partnership elected a new Board to guide the Partnership in the coming years. The organizations elected were:


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Dgroups members meet in The Hague

On 15 and 16 April, the members of the Dgroups partnership meet in the Netherlands.

The group last met in The Hague in January 2007. Since then, an elected executive committee has worked towards:

  • In 2007/2008: Moving the dgroups 1 platform out of IDRC (to IGLOO)
  •  In 2008-2009: Migration to a new platform and a new provider (WA Research)
  •  In 2008-2009: Establishment of a new Dgroups Foundation

On the agenda for the April 2009 meeting:

  1. the new platform, its usability, hosting, and support provisions
  2. priorities for further platform development and enhancements
  3. election to the Foundation Board, discharging the current executive committee
  4.  strategic directions for the coming years
  5. management, coordination, financing arrangements for the coming years

The meeting is organised by Euforic in its overall coordinationrole for the partnership. More information.

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