Joining the Dgroups migration

Here at Euforic, we have had a chance to participate in the ‘beta’ testing of the new Dgroups platform.

As a heavy and long-time Dgroups user, Dgroups creator, and overall Dgroups coordinator, I have many interests in the new platform.

I was immediately very reassured by the reliable email system in the new ‘D2’ … in the past months, not being sure that messages would pass through ‘D1’was a continual worry, and a source of many many frustrated email messages from around the world. Good job D2!

One change I have noticed is that I seem to use the web much more to manage my D2 groups that I did on D1. Since email is at the heart of Dgroups, I hope this is not something permanent.

Logging on to D2 today, I was immediately struck by the many new arrivals on the new platform. The big migration of groups has begun. It feels a little bit like what it must have felt to be on Ellis Island in New York all those years ago! I look forward to meet up again with groups from the old platform, connecting and re-connecting.

One of my major concerns is to ensure that the new platform helps and encourages us migrant groups to meet up again, and not be lost forever in closed ‘communities.’ The current web interface certainly gives me a full screen of information, we need to ensure that basic information on all groups is open and that we do not encourage people to close themselves off. They can go to Google for that!

So far so good …

Peter Ballantyne



  1. #1 by Anthony Collins on February 12, 2009 - 7:33 am

    Am I hallucinating: ???

    1. Do I REALLY get the message that Dgroups has changed it’s address for all groups ?
    2. Coming after last year with outages of days through weeks ??
    3. Concluding with credibility of zero plus/minus zero ???
    4. Tomorrow I expect the announcement of and ????
    5. Next I read “The owners of the Dgroups cannot be held responsible for the contents of the email message.” ?!?!?!?!? Oh well, I guess this means that the owners of Dgroups are irresponsable …

    Maybe I’m just overtired, best go back to sleep and hope to wake up back in the real world !

  2. #2 by ibrahim aminu on February 12, 2009 - 6:08 pm

    Is a welcome development. Thanks

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