Dgroups 2 – Are you ready ?

It is now about four months since DGroups Partner organisations started to prepare their groups for migration to the new platform, and a lot of “house keeping” has been done since then. Thanks to your hard work, most organisations and most groups are now ready. Overall, 67% of all groups on the original DGroups server have been confirmed. It is likely that many of the remainder are inactive. Is your group ready to migrate?

If the person responsible for coordinating DGroups at the Partner organisation which supports your group has not yet contacted you then please ensure that they know you are ready. To find up to date contact details click on “Contacts” above.

Mark Hammersley


  1. #1 by Leonard ntakirutimana on January 26, 2009 - 2:06 pm

    Nous voulons des siponsor pour mettre en place une serie d’information sur uneplatte form du Burundi consultable par le Droups

    Le plan de mise en ouevre est prêt


  2. #3 by Léonard NTAKIRUTIMANA on May 15, 2009 - 9:25 am

    Monsieur Peter,

    Non, nous voulons travailler avec ces orgnismes. Le lieu données ne permet pas d’acceder à l’information


  3. #4 by Leonard Ntakirutimana on August 18, 2009 - 3:28 pm

    Maintenant, je suis chercheur au sein du Bureau d’Etudes stratégiques et de développement du Burundi.
    Quelles est l’organisme que je pet chsoisir comme partenaire et comment le rejoindre?



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