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dgroups2 – the end of the beginning

escher-skywaterOn Tuesday 16th December Dgroups Executive Committee accepted our recomendation that the new platform is sufficiently developed for us to begin the migration process. We will be publishing more details this week and next on how the migration will take place.  In the meantime, the work of tidying up group ownership is almost complete.  The final step before we begin migration is some preparatory technical work with Igloo which we hope to complete by early next week.

(Note: this copy of an Escher print can be found all over the Internet but if there is an objection on copyright grounds to my posting it I will remove it)

Pete Cranston


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dgroups 2 – 2 groups


A quick end of the week post to record progress on a significant milestone, in two ways.

  1. The first group from Dgroups 1 was migrated across to the new platform at the end of last week. Hapee de Groot of Hivos, for it is a group that he manages, has been testing it with his colleagues. While there are some issues to be looked at, as you would expect, the important thing is that all the elements of the group came  across as planned: discussions, documents, members and their profiles- including passwords – were there when the group was opened. Great work, WA Research, and a necessary step in preparing for migration.
  2. Saskia Harmsen of IICD had the bright idea of using a training workshop she was running in Burkina Faso as a place to both test and introduce Dgroups 2 in French. The result is at the top of this page. WA responded quickly, both to open the group and then – overnight ! – to amend and improve the French translations, following feedback. Saskia reported that, “the workshop participants and first users of the itrainers-fr group were really enthusiastic about the new platform”.  A big thanks to Saskia and the training workshop participants for their very valuable feedback!

We have begun the process of planning migration in more detail, and will be reporting on that early next week.

(NOTE:the Spanish and Portuguese translations are being worked on at the moment. )

Pete Cranston

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Dgroups2 – milestones and progress

Here again is the dgroups i081201 - dgroups 2 interfacenterface, larger this time, because at least one reader found the previous screen dump too small. As you can see a number of people have continued to test the platform and make comments on features as they are added. As you would expect, people’s reactions are mixed. There are features which are seen as an improvement on dgroups 1 while others  are generating questions. All the comments have been logged – using the system itself – and will be reviewed.  Thanks again to all those who are putting in their time and patiently learning how things work.

Today, however, we reached a significant milestone. WA Research has completed the major part of the development they planned to meet the criteria set out in the contract. This means two things:

  1. The core migration team has started more systematic testing of the platform, confirming what works and identifying issues to be looked at. We’ll keep you posted on progress.
  2. We need to plan for an increase in the numbers of people – and groups – who are exploring and testing the new system. These preparations need to start with the people who create groups – called coordinators in dgroups 2.  We will be arranging briefing and discussion meetings with those people (called creators in dgroups 1) next week.

Feels a bit like Christmas, really: starting to wonder what’s going to be delivered.

Pete Cranston